3 simple steps to make things happen

You think a lot. So do I. We humans tend to over think and this put us in a paralyzed state. We get nothing done because all we think about is what if doesn’t work. This is a never ending spiral because our brain is made to think. We will always come up with new stuff, new ideas and then not act on them.

The 3 steps to make things happen are:

  1. You think of something awesome
  • You must write it down.
  • Get used to the thought, it may be overwhelming at this moment

2. Reverse engineer it

  • You see the end result in your mind
  • Write down the steps necessary to achieve it, but do it backwards
  • You will soon end up with the first possible step you are able to take

3. Execute

  • Take the first step. If you don’t do it now, it will never happen

You may be, like me, very impatient and want your brand new idea ready right now. Know that things take time. Accept it as a fact of life.

My plans stretch over a 5 year period. I do my stuff now, I hustle if you will, with my goal in mind. Nothing much happens now and it stresses me out, but I keep going. Whatever you do or don’t do, the 5 years will pass either way so why not make conscious choices and create the future you want.

When you reverse engineer your idea backwards, you will clearly see what you can to do today to get where you want to go. It also gives you small wins every time you achieve your smaller goals and this gives you a great sense of achievement and pride.

You have a finite amount of motivation and if your goals are too big and you’re unable to complete them, you will get discouraged and quit. I can’t stress this enough, having small goals or stepping stones will make it incredibly easy for you.

There will be times when you don’t “feel like it”. What I do when I hit such a road block is to remind myself of why I started and my goals. I may not be able to do much on these days, but as long as I am doing something, I’m way ahead of those who do nothing.

The sad truth here is that 90% of my readers won’t do anything with what I’ve just explained. The good news is that when you do something, the competition is close to nothing. You may think that by getting up there that the competition will be tougher, I will tell you otherwise.

If you go where everybody else is going, you will have the masses to compete against. There is less traffic at the top and your voice will more easily be heard and understood.

Please take your ideas, your thoughts, the things that will change the world and make something out of it. Take the first steps today. It’s by making small changes every day that you can achieve anything you desire.

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