Consume less and contribute more

When I think back on my life I can see how much time I’ve wasted as a consumer. It’s not really my fault because the society has conditioned me to consume. I have cut off consuming stuff one by one. I don’t read or watch the news anymore. There’s too much happening and I don’t want or need to know. I also used to read a lot of books as a consumer of knowledge, but I never did anything with this knowledge. Knowledge without action is pointless. At the same time, knowing what I know, and since I am now taking action, I can rely on my knowledge with confidence.

I got the idea for this article from my mentor in one of his videos. He talked about how to grow a business and one of the things he said what to consume less. It’s actually quite liberating. I don’t need all those quotes on Instagram all the time. I’ve read a few thousand over the years. Some which resonated with me and some that gave me nothing.

A lot of you will say that you don’t have time to do something and I say BS. When you become aware of how much time you spend doing pointless things, you can then decide if you want to continue doing these or if you want to start doing something that will help you grow and evolve.

Consumerism is an illness driven by us and exploited by the large corporations. It’s an endless cycle. Imagine if we stopped consuming. Many of the most known and respected corporations would cease to exist. They’d go bankrupt.

What does fifteen years of knowledge look like? When my eldest son was about two years old I told my wife at the time that I didn’t want him to grow up like me. I made a decision to change and started to read and study everything that came my way. I studied procrastination, new age stuff, meditation, healing and so on. Hundreds of books, countless hours watching videos. And yet nothing changed.

Why did nothing change? Why was I unable to change? The simple answer is that I didn’t take action. I never actually did anything of what I was told in all of these books. This reached a point in my life when I thought I couldn’t go on anymore. Rock bottom actually.

The good thing is that you don’t have to reach rock bottom to begin. If you’re 1% smarter than me, you will use this article and begin your transformation. Asking the right questions and answering them honestly. Taking a deep dive within and realizing how perfect you are just as you are.

It’s at this point you’ll find an urge to give back. Your own experiences and your growth will be so amazing that you can’t help yourself. You have to share.

I remember a few years ago when attending a party with a few friends. We were talking and one of my friends told me that he was inspired by my posts on Facebook. The feeling I got can’t be described. I never thought I could touch another human being this way. Since I’ve always told myself that I’m a slow learner, it has taken me many years to act on this little piece of feedback.

By giving back, you will raise awareness even if you think your voice isn’t important. There will always be somebody that will resonate with your way of thinking and how you express yourself.

Another upside to contributing and giving back is that it connects you to people that thinks like you. It opens doors that were previously closed and all you have to do is walk through. Being around like minded people helps you grow even more and this, in return, makes you want to give back even more. The potential is endless.

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