Resistance to change

The single most important and life saving thing you can do is to change something. Anything, really.

Please remember that one small change every day will amount to great changes over the course of a whole year. Let’s say you’re overweight, as I am, and you decide to eat just a little less calories every day for a whole year. OK, let’s go for a specific number here, 100 calories a day. A week is 7 days and this gives us 700 calories and adding this up to 52 weeks for the full year gives us 36400 calories. 1 kg is equal to 7000 calories and when we divide 36400/7000 we get 5,2 kg less weight.

I know it can be hard to identify and change the things that makes you unhappy, full of anxiety and depression, but at the same time, so easy.

The first change you can do is to decide that you’ve had enough. It’s abstract enough to not make you feel worse and easy enough to achieve. With this decision in mind, let some time pass and get comfortable with the notion that you want to get better. At one point you will suddenly realize one small thing in your life that isn’t as you want it to be and that one thing is the first thing you will begin to change.

You can’t change anything outside of yourself, so don’t try to change anybody else. Change comes from within and is a realization that may or may not hit your like a brick.

Now you’re on a roll and by every small change you make, it all becomes easier. Remember, one small change every day will have a huge impact on your life over time. Imagine yourself on your death bed, thinking back on your life. Is this a life you can be proud of or is it a life full of regrets?

Imagine the life you really want to have lived and can be proud of. Imagine all the things you did, all the awesome experiences you’ve had, the great people and places you’ve met and seen.

It may seem impossible to achieve all the things you’ve imagined, but this is only true in the here and now. You won’t achieve anything sitting at home dreaming. A goal without a plan is just a wish, so get up and do what you can with the resources that are available to you now.

In his awesome novel, The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas, the Count says that “Nothing is impossible. The impossible only takes longer” and this is basically true for all of us. Of course, some may argue this and that and be right, but again, this is only true in the here and now. Who knows what will become possible in the future?

Change isn’t only about the physical world. Change is also work that has to be done on the inside. What you think, you become and small changes in your thinking creates new paths inside your brain and is an awesome tool to enhance your life.

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